Event Social Networking and Communication

With Jot EventConnect™, your organization can enjoy an affordable social networking & communication system built around your Conference, Exposition, Tradeshow or Hosted Buyer Event – with features that can be easily accessed with iPhones, Android units, iPads, smartphones, and laptops!

Jot™ provides mobilized access to the following features:


Our Event Social Networking and Messaging Engine…

Innovative features are available to Search For, Learn About, and Connect with other attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors before, during, and after the event.  Easy, “on-the-go” attendee-to-attendee messaging from mobile devices.

Your Attendees will enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Simple communication or messaging from any location, or use as a sophisticated social networking tool.
  • Search for, learn about, and connect with other event participants.
  • Matching interest tool, including a custom keyword search to match participants needs.
  • Participants access your Event Agenda with current updates via their smartphones and laptops.
  • Participants may upload their picture, add downloadable brochures, searchable personal interests, as well as product and services descriptions.
  • All personal contact information remains undisclosed for privacy.

Integrated Planner-to-Attendee Communication

Attendees will find your latest updates on their own mobile devices. Great Planner easy-to-use email broadcasting tool to getting out critical updates. Post the updated event agenda, surveys, and any printed media that will be easily accessed by mobile devices, immediately.

Flexible communication options for meeting organizers include:

  • Email Broadcast to all, or narrow recipients to specific groups.
  • Use an an special event invitation and notification tool.
  • Appointment Scheduler option with calendar synchronization.
  • Create Event Specific Discussion Forums to draw-in participants.
  • Post & View the Event Agenda, Post Surveys, and other custom information.
  • No special equipment – any web-enabled PC, Mac or Mobile Phone. Cyber Café option available.

Jot EventConnect™ is a Major Sponsorship Vehicle

Jot EventConnect™ can be a great vehicle to recruit or retain sponsor financial support with exceptional branding exposure opportunities.

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Easy to set-up. Simple to use. Budget friendly.